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After receiving an invitation from the Canada Securities Institute (CSI, a Moody's Analytics company), I paid a visit to CSI and other financial institutions from September 17 to 28,2012. During the visit with my friends at the CSI, I made a detailed introduction to China's capital markets. At that time, China's Securities Companies: Present and Future, a book of which I was the lead author, was just published in China. Therefore, I focused my review on the status quo and the future of China's securities firms during our meeting. CSI is now a fully owned subsidiary of Moody's Corporation. As a reputable professional research, education, and training institute in the field of the financial services industry, CSI has enjoyed a long history of recognition in North America. With its well-established curriculum, a wide array of credentials and designations, and a team of proven instructors, CSI has long been a respected partner of China's financial services industry. To date, the institute has trained a large number of talented professionals from China's securities firms, banks, and other financial institutions. After my presentation and upon learning of the recent publication of China's Securities Companies: Present and Future, my CSI friends proposed to translate the book into English and publish it in North America. With great pleasure, I committed myself to this generous offer.

Back in December 2012, Mr. Anthony Sue-A-Quan, CSI's vice president and the head of education and training for China at Moody's Analytics, and Mrs. Rose Ding, CSI's marketing director and chief representative to China, came to Renmin University of China to discuss with me the publishing of the English version of the book. Anthony's elegance and Rose's passion have created within me some very fond memories. With their support, a team of translators and editors, led by Dr. Yawei Cui, CSI's academic director and chief interpreter, have engaged in a 10-month collective effort in translating and editing the book. Their work has not only added a special value to the book, but has also made a laudable contribution in helping the world have a better grasp of China's capital markets in general firms and securities firms, in particular.

Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) and the Publishing House of the Renmin University of China (RUC Press) have also provided very generous support for the publishing of the English version of the book. I hereby would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to CSI, CFHSS, and RUC Press.

Professor Wu Xiaoqiu Renmin University of China Beijing October 10, 2013

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