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Business Growth Is Driven by Innovation

GF Securities regards investment banking—one of the fountainhead business activities of securities firms— as activities that determine the company's market position and long-term growth potential. The company has been heavily investing in its investment banking division, which was created in 1993. It is committed to providing customers with professional services in an efficient manner and is highly recognized by many corporate clients. According to available data, since 1993, GF Securities has entered into 187 underwriting or sponsorship contracts (including 120 IPO contracts) as main underwriter or sponsor, worth CNY 111.5 billion in total. In the past 20 years, GF has been an award-winning pioneer in multiple business innovations in the Chinese securities history.

GF Securities has also attached great importance to brokerage—an important pillar business activity of securities firms—for the purpose of business growth over the long run. Between 1991 and 2011, the company expanded its brokerage with several market-based M&A deals, as well as by its own efforts. As of June 2011, GF had established a securities service network with 199 offices, basically covering every strategic city and region around China. It had established quite a brokerage system that enabled the company to compete with the best Chinese securities firms. In terms of range of business activities, it is one of the Chinese securities firms with the most brokerage qualifications. As for business performance, GF has been in the top 10 Chinese mainland securities brokers for 17 years running (since 1994) in terms of main business indicators for brokerage and has been in a leading position with regard to its secondary market business.

GF Securities is one of the first Chinese securities firms qualified as an asset management service provider. It is also the first Chinese securities broker to release a pooled wealth management product. So far, the company has released five pooled asset management plans and two small pool products. It has managed assets of more than CNY 9 billion, which places GF in a forefront position in the industry. In the second year of the Best Chinese PE Fund Management Company Awards in 2010, GF Securities was awarded the Best Manager of the Year, in recognition of its good practice in operations and management and outstanding results in investment activities.

The GF Securities Development Research Center has a history dating back to 1995. It established a post-doctoral workstation (the first of its kind in the industry) in 2001. It started to transform into a sell-side analyst in 2008 and made breakthroughs in 2010 with an income of nearly CNY 100 million from position-sizing research. The Research Center now has about 100 employees. Its research teams keep a close watch on main industries and conduct research in all main areas. In the eighth annual New Wealth Best Analyst Awards in 2010, the GF Research Center was awarded the first prize for High Achievers and was named one of the top 10 best sales teams. Five GF research teams were awarded Best Analysts in coal mining, real estate development, transportation, machinery manufacturing, and automotive industry.

In addition to conventional business activities (brokerage, investment banking, and asset management), GF Securities also excels in institutional client services, investment and proprietary trading, and margin trading and short selling, among others, where signs of great growth potential and competitive advantages are present.

Compliance Generates Power for the Sustainable Development Mechanism

In its 20-year growth, GF Securities has remained alert and aware of risks and has continued to improve its practice for compliance, which is an essential part of the company's corporate culture. In the Stock Exchange Executive Council (SEEC)-sponsored online voting in 2010, the company was awarded Best Securities Broker in Risk Management.

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