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2.3.5 Personal Information and Decision-Making Systems

Beyond the strengths of PFM—which is focussed on customers and their data— personal information and decision-making systems have the advantage that external information from internet platforms can be used for the purpose of personal decision-making. The functionalities include rating portals on the quality of financial service providers, capital market information and tool-supported investment decision aids and portfolio management systems. For example, on the internet platform whofinance (, potential customers can read the customer ratings for individual financial advisors. And in the network XING, Fidor Bank already presents more than 1000 ratings on the advisor scene.

One of the most innovative capital market information systems is stocktouch ( It provides a system that help investors—by means of an intuitive iPad app, among other things—to monitor the stock market. At present analyses of 900 American stocks can be accessed (Stocktouch 2013). Alphasys ( is a Swiss company that offers software solutions for portfolio management systems. These are specially tailored to the requirements of asset managers, private banks and pension funds.[1]

There is a large number of providers of tool-based investment decision systems. What they all have in common is that they seek to acquire investors on the basis of their individual theories and recommendations for action. These are based on the use of data via stock trading by executive or supervisory boards that are subject to reporting, or on the identification of reports on securities on the internet.

StockPulse ( is concerned with the analysis of digital social networks and is a navigator for financial markets that delivers real-time analyses on moods and trends on the stock market. StockPulse follows tweets and the posting of messages worldwide about the financial market and can thus provide trading ideas and signals. Inside analytics, on the other hand, uses the findings that can be attained from the trading behaviour of company insiders such as executive boards. They analyse this behaviour for the entire European market (Inside-analytics 2013). Yavalu ( conducts risk analysis for private investors and recommends investments in exchange traded funds (ETF). The investment solutions are analysed in the process. Justetf ( is also aimed at internet-based asset management for private investors via ETF.

  • [1] The programme Netfolio has numerous functions with which portfolios can be managed, rated, calculated, compared and monitored. The modular structure of the software allows asset managers to carry out calculations and presentations of the portfolio in accordance with the individual wishes of their customers (Alphasys 2013)
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