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2.5 History and Spirit of Establishment

The history of Sony since its establishment in 1945 was stated generally in the instructions by Akio Morita, vice president, in 1960. He explained that the company began with only 20 members in all, with president Masaru Ibuka as the central figure. But by manufacturing recording tapes and transistors, then expanding into selling tape recorders, radios, and televisions, it grew from a small local factory to be ranked among world's leading companies. At that time, Morita was very emphatic about the Sony spirit having supported Sony's growth and development. Simply put, it is the spirit of “do what others do not.” It may be the same as the present venture company. Its originality was displayed fully not only in the manufacturing departments but in cultivating a market to establish a unique distribution system. The company name was changed to Sony to establish the potential for manufacturing airplanes, cars, or any other products, Morita explained. He remonstrated with the new employees for their moods in a small factory in town when the company was established and implored them to think uniquely in taking the lead in the age. In addition, Morita revealed his opinion in relation to the later “no need for school career.” In other words, he renounced discrimination in promotion depending on age or school careers in favor of a merit system depending on contribution to the company.

In this connection, at the initiation ceremony in 1961, President Ibuka explained the spirit of the establishment of Sony and emphasized that Sony sends out products that are different from others. Vice President Morita was very emphatic about the meaning of working as a crew member of the ship “Sony-maru.”

Morita, at this time, only developed the subject based on the “progressive view of history and elements of competition.” The topic of “early retirement during the period of trial employment,” which developed later, had not been given yet. However, the view of “a community bound together by common fate” seems to have already existed.

During the 1970s, however, top management did not mention the spirit related to the history of the establishment of Sony. It is supposed that the details and the spirit of the establishment of Sony have become generally known through books introducing Sony. Instead, Morita gave addresses generally including the pursuit of indi-vidual happiness, demonstration of abilities, company technologies, and marketing competitive power.

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