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Introduction to health care services - Bernard J.Healey

Year 2015


INTRODUCTIONACKNOWLEDGMENTSABOUT THE AUTHORSABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORSPART ONE. OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE SERVICE DELIVERYCHAPTER 1. AN OVERVIEW OF HEALTH CARE DELIVERY IN THE UNITED STATESHealth Care CostsHealth Care AccessHealth Levels and OutcomesHealth Care QualitySUMMARYCHAPTER 2. THE FORCES OF CHANGE IN HEALTH CAREConsequences of Forty Years of Health Care Cost EscalationHealth Care ReformSUMMARYPART TWO. THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN HEALTH CARE SERVICESCHAPTER 3. PROVIDERS OF HEALTH CARE SERVICESPrimary Care Physicians and Primary Care AssistantsSpecialty Care ProvidersDentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental AssistantsMental Health Care ProvidersNursesRadiologic and Imaging ProfessionalsAllied Health Rehabilitation ProfessionalsCollaboration in Health CareEmployment Trends in the Health Care SectorSUMMARYCHAPTER 4. HOSPITALSHistory of HospitalsManagement of HospitalsQuality and Safety in HospitalsMagnet Recognition ProgramChallenges and the FutureSUMMARYCHAPTER 5. AMBULATORY CARE SERVICESHistory of Ambulatory Care ServicesReasons for the Expansion of Ambulatory CareHospital-Based Ambulatory CareNon-Hospital-Based Ambulatory CarePrimary Care ManagementHome Health Care ServicesHospice ServicesQuality Assurance in Ambulatory CareSUMMARYCHAPTER 6. HEALTH INSURANCE AND PAYMENT FOR HEALTH CARE SERVICESBasics of U.S. Health InsuranceHistory of Health InsuranceHow Health Insurance Markets WorkHealth Insurance ProvidersReimbursement for Health Care ProvidersWhy Health Insurance Is Such a Huge Problem in the United StatesCreative Destruction of Health InsuranceSUMMARYCHAPTER 7. MANAGED CAREConcepts of Managed Health CareHistory of Managed Health CareTypes of Managed Care PlansManaged Care Utilization ControlManaged Care Quality IssuesManaged Care and Prevention of DiseaseComparative Effectiveness ResearchFuture of Managed Health CareSUMMARYCHAPTER 8. LONG-TERM CAREHistory of Long-Term CareOrganization of Long-Term CarePayment for Long-Term Care ServicesChronic Diseases and Their ComplicationsChallenges for Long-Term Care in the FutureSUMMARYCHAPTER 9. MENTAL HEALTH CAREHistory of Mental HealthThe Role of StressTypes of Mental IllnessesPsychotic DisordersNonpsychotic DisordersMental Health Care ProvidersMental Health ParitySUMMARYCHAPTER 10. PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICESHistory of Public HealthStructure of Public Health DepartmentsDeterminants of HealthCore Functions of Public HealthEpidemiology and Public HealthPopulation-Based HealthPublic Health LeadershipFuture of Public HealthSUMMARYPART THREE. CHALLENGES IN HEALTH CARE DELIVERYCHAPTER 11. THE PURSUIT OF QUALITY CAREOrigins of the Quality MovementIOM Report on Medical ErrorsIOM Report on the Quality ChasmQuality Improvement StrategiesMedical ErrorsHealth Care-Associated InfectionsSUMMARYCHAPTER 12. THE CHRONIC DISEASE EPIDEMICChronic Diseases and Their ComplicationsCosts of Chronic DiseasesChronic Disease Prevention and Behavioral ChangesApplying Business and Other Models to Chronic Disease PreventionSUMMARYCHAPTER 13. LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS TO HEALTH CARE PROBLEMSHealth Care Reform Beyond the ACAReengineering the Health Care SectorUnderstanding Power in the Health Care SectorChanging the Health Care EnvironmentHow Leaders Can Meet These ChallengesSUMMARYCHAPTER 14. INTEGRATING CLINICAL SERVICES AND COMMUNITY PREVENTIONHistory of Clinical Services and Community Prevention IntegrationElements of the Community-Centered Health HomeOverarching Systems Change RecommendationsSUMMARYCHAPTER 15. A LOOK INTO THE FUTUREMajor Challenges Facing Health Care DeliveryAreas of Future ConcernHow to Meet These ChallengesSUMMARYCASE STUDY 1. INNOVATION IN PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIPEDUCATIONLeadership Education at the Guthrie ClinicConclusionCASE STUDY 2. USING MARKETING TOOLS TO INCREASE EARLY REFERRALS OF CHILDREN WITH DEVELOPMENTAL AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDERSUsing a PSA Program to Increase Awareness of Developmental IssuesConclusionCASE STUDY 3. FALL REDUCTION AT GEISINGER WYOMING VALLEY MEDICAL CENTERGeisinger Health System and Geisinger Wyoming ValleyTypes of Preventable Harm in HospitalsGeisinger Quality InstituteFall Rates and Best Practices in Fall ReductionThe Journey to Uphold the OathConclusionCASE STUDY 4. THE VA REINVENTS ITSELFThe Dark YearsThe Beginning of ChangePutting Veterans' Health FirstThe VA Answer for EveryoneConclusion
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