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Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism Representation - Rusi Jaspal

Year 2014

AcknowledgementsSeries Editor's PrefaceForewordPART I IntroductionChapter 1 IntroductionThe Necessity of Studying Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismExamining Responses to Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismAntisemitism and Anti-Zionism: Representation, Cognition and Everyday TalkCase Studies: Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism among Iranians and British Pakistani MuslimsThe Islamic Republic of IranThe Pakistani Muslim community in BritainOverview of the BookPART II Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismChapter 2 Antisemitism: Continuities and DiscontinuitiesIntroductionAntisemitism: Conceptual IssuesAntisemitism across Time, Space and MediumAntisemitism in antiquityChristendomThe Middle AgesAntisemitism after the EnlightenmentThe destructive action orientation of modern antisemitismAntisemitism in the Islamic worldHolocaust denialUnderstanding Antisemitism: Theory and ResearchOverviewChapter 3 Israel and the Emergence of Anti-Zionism and “New Antisemitism”IntroductionThe Birth of Israel and the Israeli-Arab ConflictThe Israeli-Arab conflictThe Israeli-Palestinian conflictAnti-Zionist RepresentationsAnti-Zionism and its Action OrientationEmpirical Research into Anti-ZionismOverviewChapter 4 A Social Psychological Framework for Examining Representation, Cognition and Everyday TalkIntroductionSocial Representations TheoryDelegitimising and Dehumanising RepresentationsIdentity Process TheoryIntergroup Threat TheoryOverviewPART III Textual and Visual Representations of Jews and the Jewish StateChapter 5 Representing the Jewish State in the Iranian Press1IntroductionDelegitimiting the Jewish StateConstructing Israel as a ThreatConstructing National Agency in Global Anti-ZionismOverviewChapter 6 Visualising the Holocaust: Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest1IntroductionFigure 6.1 Contributors to the 2006 International Holocaust Cartoon CompetitionConstructing the “Evil Jew” and “Bloodthirsty Israel”Palestinian Suffering as the “Real” HolocaustNazi-Zionism as an International ConspiracyOverviewPART IV Thinking and Talking about Jews and the Jewish StateChapter 7 “Death to Israel”: Perceptions of Israel and Jews among Iranian MuslimsIntroductionAnti-Zionism and Iranian National IdentityHardliners and the centrality of anti-ZionismReformists and the peripherality of anti-ZionismPositioning Jews in relation to the IngroupCreating and Elaborating Antisemitic Social RepresentationsAnti-Zionism and Holocaust RevisionismOverviewChapter 8 “I'm not Antisemitic but … ”: Perceptions of Israel and Jews among British Pakistani MuslimsIntroduction“Zionism is Evil”: Making Sense of ZionismDefeating the State of IsraelDeflecting Antisemitism through Compartmentalisation ProcessesCarving a Space in the Islamic UmmahOverviewPART V Responding to Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismChapter 9 Re-Visiting Siege Mentality: Israeli Responses to Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism1IntroductionPerceived Outgroup Hostility and the Implications for IdentityMuslim Anti-Zionism as a Continuation of AntisemitismHolocaust Denial, Siege and IdentityThe centrality of the Holocaust in security perceptionsThe threat of Holocaust denialCoping with Antisemitism: Re-Establishing Belonging and Self-EsteemOverviewChapter 10 British Jews: Making Sense of Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismIntroductionAssimilating and Accommodating Jewishness and Israel in the Self-ConceptSetting the Boundaries of Antisemitism and Anti-ZionismCoping with Threatened Identity: Re-Constructing Jewishness and IsraelIndividual and interpersonal strategies for coping with threatJoining pressure groups for defending Israel/ZionismOverviewPART VI ConclusionChapter 11 Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism: Putting the Pieces TogetherSome ImplicationsReferences
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