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Accelerated Economic Growth in West Africa - Diery Seck

Year 2016


Part I Analysis of West Africa's Economic GrowthImpact of Common Currency Membership on West African Countries' Enhanced Economic Growth1 Introduction2 Current Economic Situation of West African Economies3 Contingent Claims Approach to Risk Assessment and Pricing of Sovereign Debt4 Membership in a Common Currency Union and Riskiness of Sovereign Debt5 ConclusionReferencesGrowth Accounting in ECOWAS Countries: A Panel Unit Root and Cointegration Approach1 Introduction2 Methodology3 Empirical Results4 ConclusionReferencesGrowth Without Development in West Africa: Is It a Paradox?1 Introduction2 Performance of the West African Economy: Stylized Facts3 Growth and Development: Review and Theoretical Issues4 Methodology and Empirics5 ConclusionReferencesGroup Formation and Growth Enhancing Variables: Evidence from Selected WAMZ Countries1 Introduction2 Sub-regional Characteristics and Some Stylized Facts3 Tests of Cross-Section Dependence4 Data and Empirical Results of Growth Enhancing Variables5 ConclusionReferencesPart II Political Economy of Economic GrowthRevisiting the African Economic Growth Agenda: Focus on Inclusive and Pro-poor Growth?1 Introduction2 The Concept of Pro-poor Growth3 Regional Evidence of Growth and Poverty Reduction4 Country Evidence of Growth and Poverty Reduction5 Has the Recent Growth Episode in Africa Been Pro-poor?6 Lessons on Policies for Promoting Inclusive Growth in Africa7 ConclusionReferencesFreedom, Growth and Development: Evidence from West Africa1 Introduction2 Which One Leads the Other: Economic Development or Political Liberty? A Debate3 Market Transactional and Political Freedoms4 Market and Transactional Freedom5 Political Liberty6 Trust in National Governments in Africa7 Civil Liberties, Education and Economic Security8 The Power of Freedom to Bring About Development9 An ECOWAS Wide Agenda for Political and Market Transactional Freedom10 ConclusionAppendix 1: African Economists and Finance Professionals Speak on Economic Development and DemocracyAppendix 2: Benefits of Liberal Democracy: What Do African Economists Think?ReferencesWest Africa's Economic Growth and Weakening Diversification: Rethinking the Role of Macroeconomic Policies for Industrialization1 Introduction2 The West African Growth Story3 The Literature on Growth and Policy4 Methodology5 Findings: Drivers of Growth in West Africa6 Insights from Structuralism7 ConclusionReferencesPart III Sectoral Policy and Economic GrowthManufacturing Export, Infrastructure and Institutions: Reflections from ECOWAS1 Introduction2 Insights from Literature3 Stylized Trends: Manufacturing Sector, Infrastructure and Institutions4 Empirical Strategy5 Juxtaposing the Relationship: Atleast for ECOWASReferencesIndustrial Policy and Structural Change: Some Policy Perspectives1 Introduction2 Related Literature3 Stylized Facts on Structural Change4 Industrial Policy and Financing Industrial Development5 Conclusion and Policy RecommendationsReferencesBasic Infrastructure, Growth and Convergence in WAEMU1 Introduction2 Objectives of the Study3 Literature Review4 Evolution of Macroeconomic Indicators and Economic Convergence in WAEMU5 Evolution of Basic Infrastructure in WAEMU6 Methods of Analysis7 Empirical Results8 ConclusionReferences
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