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5 Conclusion

We have analyzed whether growth has resulted in economic development in the economies of West Africa. While the region has witnessed positive growth trajectories during the period 2005–2013, it is not clear whether economic development has occurred. This is partly due to the rather short period of analysis and lack of relevant data to adequately examine the subject. However, stylized facts show that the economy maintained reasonable rates of inflation while suffering from the challenges of twin deficits. An examination of relevant social indicators point to marginal gains in the areas of life expectancy at birth, primary and secondary school enrolment as well as adult literacy rates. Panel regression results indicate that democracy and public investment have positive relationship with development though they are statistically not significant. The lack of access to sanitation and water decreases growth and development. Whether growth without development in the sub-region is a paradox remain inconclusive. Nonetheless, leaders, policymakers and technocrats in the sub-region should emphasis sustained growth and inclusive development.


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