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Appendix 2: Benefits of Liberal Democracy: What Do African Economists Think?

Last Post Was Made on June 12, 2014

Re: [AFEA—LIST] Time and Level hypotheses for the benefits of liberal democracy revisited


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These are undeniably very complex facts, and lessons on hard power versus soft power.


On Jun 12, 2014, at 6:19 PM, 'Anutechia asongu Simplice' via AFRICA FINANCE and ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION<afea@googlegroups. com>wrote:

Prof. Ssozi et al.

I hope you are closely following the spectular march of the ISIS to Baghdad. Other collateral damages of the Arab Spring are fully validating our hypothesis, inter alia:

– the definition of democracy has been revisited and redefined several times in Egypt over the past months. President A F Al Sissi (coming to power with less than 50 % of voters going to the polls) has said it will take the country about 25 years to mature (time hypothesis) in democracy;

– the law of the land of post-Ghadaffi Libya is substantially that of the rebels;

– Yemen is failing to honour the terms of its socio-political contract;

– the West is now confused on its funding of the rebels (with non lethal weapons though) and Bashar al Assad's thesis has been fully validated by the ISIS of Iraq.

the list is long Cheers


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