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Manufacturing Exports from Indian States - Jaya Prakash Pradhan

Year 2016


PrefaceList of AbbreviationsChapter 1 Introduction1.1 The Context1.2 Growing Focus of Indian States on Exports1.3 Research Questions1.4 Methodology of Analysis1.5 Layout of the BookPart I Regional Patterns and Determinants of Manufacturing Exports from IndiaChapter 2 Regional Export Statistics: A Critique and an Alternative2.1 Introduction2.2 Data on State-level Exports: Issues and Concerns2.3 An Alternative Method of Estimation2.4 Application of the Alternative Method to Indian Firms2.5 Limitations of the Alternative Method2.6 Comparative Ranking of States by Manufacturing and Commodity Exports2.7 ConclusionsChapter 3 Regional Manufacturing Exports: Interstate Patterns3.1 Introduction3.2 Regional Trends of Manufacturing Exports3.2.1 West India3.2.2 South India3.2.3 North India3.2.4 East India3.2.5 Other Regions3.3 State-level Exports of Manufactures3.3.1 Maharashtra3.3.2 Gujarat3.3.3 Karnataka3.3.4 Tamil Nadu3.3.5 Andhra Pradesh3.4 ConclusionsChapter 4 Determinants of Regional Exports4.1 Introduction4.2 Why Do Regions Matter in Exports?4.2.1 Market-related Factors4.2.2 Input-related Factors4.3 Formulation of Empirical Framework4.4 Data Sources and Method of Estimation4.4.1 Estimation Issues and Methods4.5 Results and Inferences4.5.1 Firm-specific Determinants of Exports4.5.2 Fiscal Incentives and Sectoral Determinants of Exports4.5.3 Spatial Determinants of Exports4.6 Conclusions4.7 Appendix TablesPart II Regional Profile of SME Exports and Duration of ExportsChapter 5 Exports By SMEs: Subnational Patterns and Determinants5.1 Introduction5.2 SME Manufacturing Exports: Regional Patterns5.2.1 Sectoral Composition of SME Manufacturing Exports5.2.2 Enterprise Age and SME Manufacturing Exports5.2.3 Technological Know-how Acquisition and SME Manufacturing Exports5.2.4 Quality Certification and SME Manufacturing Exports5.2.5 Clusters and SME Manufacturing Exports5.2.6 Urban Location and SME Manufacturing Exports5.3 Determinants of SME Manufacturing Exports5.3.1 Empirical Results and Interpretation5.4 Conclusions5.5 Appendix TablesChapter 6 Regional Profile of Export Duration of Firms6.1 Introduction6.2 Survival Analysis: Theoretical and Empirical Frameworks6.2.1 Discrete-time Duration Models6.2.2 Empirical Framework for Export Duration6.3 Survival of Export Spells of Indian Firms by Region6.4 Estimation Issues, Empirical Results and Inferences6.5 Conclusions6.6 AppendixPart III Subnational Policies and Export Performance: Cases of Select Indian StatesChapter 7 Exports by Gujarat Firms: Are SMEs Lagging?7.1 Introduction7.2 Industries in Gujarat7.3 Business Infrastructure as Policy Approach to Competitiveness 7.4 Manufacturing Export Performance in Gujarat7.5 ConclusionsChapter 8 Industrial Policy and Exports in Odisha: Issues in Non-Start8.1 Industrial Structure and Growth in Odisha8.2 Industrial Policies of the State Government: Populism and Ad hocism8.3 Exports from Odisha's Manufacturing Industries8.4 ConclusionsChapter 9 Policy-assisted Internationalization of Firms in Karnataka9.1 Introduction9.2 Industries in Karnataka9.3 Promoting Exports Through Proactive Policies9.4 Karnataka's Manufacturing Export: Trends and Patterns9.4.1 Sectoral Composition of Exports9.4.2 Exports by Ownership Groups9.4.3 Exports by Enterprise Size9.5 ConclusionsChapter 10 Conclusions and Policy Suggestions10.1 Rising Importance of Exports for India and Indian States10.2 Regional Patterns of Manufacturing Exports10.3 Determinants of Regional Patterns of Firms' Exports10.4 Regional Profile of Exports by Small and Medium Enterprises10.5 Firms' Export Survival in Regional Context10.6 Exporting in Gujarat, Odisha and Karnataka10.7 Policy SuggestionsData AppendixReferencesIndex
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