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D. Products/Services

Explained by Cravens et al. [21], the products or services featured by the company signify an example of the key means for value creation as well as establish a brand image by the product/service reputation. The product presents the essential interface with the customers and as key driver of corporate reputation. Once the product does not offer significance to the customer nor incorporate a negative quality association, consequently, it is very difficult to establish a strong corporate reputation.

Branding for SME is vital since it really helps to distinguish its services and makes the company be recognized in the market. It can be a long way to generate a positive image as well as perception in the eyes of the customer. Branding has a great deal to do with market focus and market positioning. It is actually the important message that the company would like to deliver to the market. Undeniably, the message must be supported by strong delivery capabilities. Secret Recipe decided on distinctive product and distinctive marketplace. Only a few players who have cake restaurant inspire customers to walk in with family and even dine inside the outlet. Bakery was a stand for baked cake, and yet Secret Recipe took it a step further by creating bakery as a fine dining establishment and at the same time catering various other foods apart from cakes. Moreover, their very own product is cake. They focus on to represent Secret Recipe as discover for cake. Their specific unique market as well as their product inspires the companies to move further into the food and beverage industry while playing with a few number of business competitors.

E. Financial Performance

A good reputation is a vital asset that enables a firm to generate continuous profitability or sustained excellent financial performance. Along common outlines,

the marketing literature signifies that a good reputation promotes and even enhances sales force efficiency, new product introductions, as well as restoration strategies during crises [17]. A firm's financial reputation provides a persistently strong influence on profit persistence. This simply means an important selfreinforcing dynamic. A number of the things that companies accomplish to increase profitability also boost their reputations [21]. This reputation improvement, in return, will make it easier for companies to sustain outstanding outcomes in the long run.

One of the Secret Recipe's core values is to be dedicated in maximizing the higher standard of performance as well as productivity in all areas of the company. In addition, Secret Recipe is concentrating on result-oriented basis by managing the performance within the company and by using customer response essential to gauge the growth of the company. Secret Recipe is consistently evaluating the performance as well as sets targets by benchmarking to remain competitive in order to move forward for growth.

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