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3.5 Conclusion

In this study, the main objective is to identify the level of customers' perception on the corporate reputation of Secret Recipe by using the seven key dimensions of the RepTrak™ model. The results from the study showed that all the seven key dimensions were positive and significantly related to the Secret Recipe's reputation. Besides, the study found that financial performance is the most significant determinant of the Secret Recipe's reputation followed by product and services, leadership, workplace environment, citizenship, innovation, and governance. Based from this study, it is proven that the Reptrak™ model is credible to measure reputation not only in a larger business but also in an SME business such as Secret Recipe. Food and beverages are probably the biggest indicators of quality that a customer notices. Food quality is not only important to the customers' impressions of the overall restaurant experience but is also important for their health. Food quality as well as the services, innovation of the Secret Recipe, the employees, the fairness of the company in carrying out their business, citizenship, as well as their financial performance which is provided by Secret Recipe must be excellent as it will develop rational bonds among the customers which lead to customer's loyalty.

The importance of the product and service quality dimension cannot be underestimated. Strong branding, product packaging, and design of products are essential in bringing in as well as maintaining customers. It is essential to build capabilities in researching, defining, and even building brand and comprehensive program. After all, the brand, packaging, as well as the design will portray the promise to customers, apart from depicting the business competitive edge against business competitors. On the other hand, the company must assess skills of their employees in order to ensure that they can perform effectively toward the customers. The Secret Recipe needs to improve its training facilities, especially for their front liners in order to enhance the customers' perception toward the company's reputation.

As the study seeks to understand the value of a good corporate reputation, there is a need for additional research. This study is not free of limitations, which introduces future research options. The findings of this study have several implications with regard to future research. As this study was concentrated only on SME, food and beverage company, and customers of the company, it seems reasonable that these findings would extend to firms other than service firms; this should be assessed in future research. The replication of this study could test the seven key dimensions in other service industries and in other cultures. Given its importance, it is clear that companies would want to know how to manage their corporate reputation effectively.

Besides, further study should be carried out by other researchers under the similar topic by assessing and widening the outlets chosen across the countries as Secret Recipe is a franchising company and has a number of outlets outside Malaysia.

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