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5.5 Conclusions and Recommendations

The study on export readiness is crucial as it offers firms to analyze their ability and level of preparedness before entering export market. With regard to export readiness, this study found that although all SMEs have intention to enter export market, only 50 % translated their intention into actions. Their actions include investing and directing their resources to become export firms. It is also found that most of the firms which are ready to export are from medium-sized firms. However, the number of years in operations does not influence firms' readiness to export.

The study contributes to the literature of export readiness by highlighting factors important to export readiness. Its findings on the factors that influence export readiness are consistent with previous study [6–8, 20]. It also supports previous studies that SMEs faced challenges in terms of financial and nonfinancial resources to compete at international level [1].

This study was an exploratory study to export readiness among nonexporting firms. The findings have indicated the factors influencing export readiness among the nonexporting firms. Future studies need to look into exporting firms to confirm that by being export ready, firms can minimize risks to failure. This is a preliminary study involving a few selected firms. Future studies may want to look at larger samples through questionnaire survey.


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