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Virtual Worlds: A Perfect Convergence Between Real and Virtual Life

Davide Borra, Italy

In a future work, daily life, health, and social relationships will be mediated by our virtual alter-ego. Is the “metaverse” or “virtual world”, a sintetic on-line environment, when our avatar can explore and build our space, van exchange, buy and sell our creations and abilities, when my expressions will be replicate in real-time on my avatar's face. It is virtual, aumented or mixed reality? What is difference from what we already know about the cybernetic suites, the oculus visors, the immersive caves used in the differents manifacture fields?

Second Life, Active Worlds and the others on-line platforms are always operatives?

I think we are in front to a singularity point of the digital humanism: we can be immersed in a metaverse in a real-scale, with a series of good wearable devices, in a very confortable psycological status, with a realistic multisensorial feedbacks.

The technology is quite ready to offer a domestic environment and we are ready to offer to our avatar, a series of personal “messages” that it (or he/she?) can use in a social relactionships to be more natural the communication.

Real-scale, device usability, humanization of communication. Three impact factors to make the perfect convergence between real and virtual worlds.

Davide Borra is an architect with PHD in Environment and Territory (Politecnico di Torino) and has about twenty years of experience in designing and creating of multiplatform 3D contents in the area of cultural heritage, architecture and communications company.

The 3D model genesi and the importance of the user in the information cycle based on virtuality, are the main topics of his research in both academic and vocational education, which resulted in applications for museums and exhibit and in a number of scientific articles published.

The last experiments concern the latest Mobile 3D, 3D Metaverses on-line and the Augmented Reality.

For a decade, he taught 3D in the Faculty of Architecture of the Politecnico di Torino and Milan.

In 1999 he founded NoReal [], a company specialized in Virtual Cultural Heritage, which currently manages.

Since 2008 he is the President of MIMOS (Italian Movement of Modelling and Simulation) [].

Actually he is one of the international experts invited to discuss about the principles of the Virtual Cultural Heritage around the London Charter and the Sevilla Principles.

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