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Debugging and Optimizing Stage

This stage is mainly debugging and optimizing operations on software.

Even the most experienced software engineers cannot totally avoid mistakes in their programs. Mastering debugging techniques is critical for software development. Debugging Android software code is not very efficient because even if you only need to change one line of code, you still need to go through all the build, packaging, and

deployment procedures. PC users might be okay with one crash per day. But just imagine the severe consequences if a bug exists in the final Android system product on ATMs, medical operation systems, or satellites.

There are many debugging technologies and techniques for Android software discussed in subsequent sections. Many of the methods are rarely used in generalpurpose computer software.

The minimum target for a software product is to ensure its normal running. But this target is not good enough for Android software, which is resource-constrained and has more stringent space and performance requirements than desktop systems. To satisfy these requirements, Android software has to ensure normal running in a performanceoptimized way. These goals might be contradictory and developers can hardly realize all of them. So they make compromises usually highlighting the performance requirement.

Improving the performance of an application program is a time-consuming process.

It is usually not obvious which functions are consuming most of the execution time.

So we need to use specialized tools to analyze the code to accurately understand the performance bottlenecks and advise us on improvements. This process is usually called code profiling, and the tool used is called a profiler or performance analyzer.

The principle of using a profiler for improving performance is to optimize the frequently called portions of the software. For example, if 50 percent of the time is spent on string functions and we optimize such functions by 10 percent, then we can reduce the execution time of the software by about 5 percent. By using a profiler you can accurately measure the various portions of time spent during the execution process to understand which areas can be optimized. Some profilers can bring about improvement suggestions specific to the type of processor. For example, the Intel® Vtune™ Amplifier identifies hotspots in the code that can be further optimized to improve overall performance.

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