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Native SDK Setup

To build Cascades applications, you need to set up the native SDK using the following steps:

1. Download and install the latest version of the Momentics IDE from (the page will also provide you with a link to the latest BlackBerry 10 simulator). You can either download the simulator directly or let Momentics handle the download at a later stage when you configure a simulator target.

2. Request a BlackBerry ID from You will need your BlackBerry ID to create a BlackBerry ID token, which is used in turn for generating debug tokens (debug tokens are deployed on a BlackBerry device during development and enable your device to run

development code). Note that you don't need a debug token for the simulator.

3. As soon as you have created your BlackBerry ID, go to in order to generate a BlackBerry ID token. Select the first option and sign in with your BlackBerry ID

(see Figure 1-4).

Figure 1-4. BlackBerry keys order form

4. After having signed in, you will be redirected to another page for generating your BlackBerry ID token. Enter a password for the token, accept the license agreement, and click Get Token (see Figure 1-5).

Figure 1-5. BlackBerry ID token

5. The token will be generated and downloaded as a file called bbidtoken.csk. Depending on your development platform, you will have to put the file in one of the following locations:

a. Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataResearch in Motion

b. Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8: C:UsersAppDataLocal Research in Motion

c. Mac OS X: ~/Library/Research in Motion

Momentics IDE

To create Cascades applications, you will use the Momentics IDE, which essentially adds extra plug-ins and tools to a standard Eclipse distribution (if you've already used Eclipse in the past for Java or Android development, you will be right at home; otherwise, don't worry—this section will

guide you through the IDE). This section explains how a Cascades project is organized in Momentics and reviews the most important features of the IDE that you will be using frequently. First start by creating a new Cascades project using the following steps:

1. Launch the Momentics IDE and choose File ➤ New ➤ BlackBerry Project… This will start the New BlackBerry Project wizard shown in Figure 1-6.

Figure 1-6. BlackBerry 10 Platform

2. Select Cascades as the project type and click Next.

3. Select Standard Empty Project from the templates page and click Next.

4. On the Basics Settings page, change your project's name from the default CascadesProject to HelloCascades, and then click Next. Don't change any of the other default settings.

5. Keep the default settings on the last wizard page API Level and click Finish.

6. If you're not in the QML Editing perspective, a prompt will appear, asking you if you want to switch to it. Click Yes.

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