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Virtualization/Cloud Management and Verification/Attestation Layer

This is the critical management and orchestration layer in a data center that controls the provisioning, deployment, and lifecycle management of the workloads and virtual machines. This layer serves one of four functions for the trusted compute pool use cases:

1. Provides a secure interface to the measured launch measurements on each of the servers

2. Provides an attestation mechanism to evaluate platform trust and assert its integrity

3. Consumes the trust information, essentially helping to identify which platforms are trusted and which ones are not

4. Makes use of this information to establish an enhanced security capability through policy definition and enforcement linked to platform trust

There are significant differences in terms of interfaces provided to support platform trust. Some, such as Citrix, have developed explicit APIs natively to their hypervisor software (Xen APIs) to provide TCG-compliant access to the launch measurements in the TPM. These APIs are available for any management software to use—for evaluation, attestation, reporting, alerting, and so on—and they maintain the integrity of the measurements. Others, such as VMWare, have tied access to these measurements to their primary virtualization resource management software—vCenter, in this case. VMware provides access to the measurements via run-time vCenter APIs, which when invoked instantiate a TCG-compliant remote attestation protocol to request the measurements for the attesting server/device. None of the virtualization and cloud management software vendors provides verification/attestation software for verification of the measurements. Since attestation is a relatively new concept, it is not yet integral to most of the virtualization and cloud management software. Having attestation services provided through the operating system or hypervisor would establish the function across many enterprise and cloud customers—thereby unlocking the most valuable use models.

Intel in collaboration with security ISVs have developed attestation software for attestation verification. This attestation software is a multi-hypervisor, multi-OS verification/attestation program providing a secure assertion of the hypervisor and platform integrity that is verified against a set of known-good, golden measurements, or whitelist values. Following the key tenet of cloud technology with regard to programmability and automation, the attestation platform exposes all its functionality via well-defined REST & SOAP APIs for querying trust assertions, as well as for provisioning, management, and whitelisting. The attestation process and the Intel attestation platform are covered in detail in Chapter 4. The trust assertion from the attestation/verification software is used by the cloud management software and the security management tools that are in the next layer of the architecture.

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