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Completeness of the Inputs

Let us take an example from the field of banking to illustrate this characteristic. Every application has both master data as well as transaction data. Master data is almost fixed and may change only periodically depending upon the changes to the policies or changes to the rules, including Types of Deposits, and Rates of Interest for various tenures of deposits. Types of deposits can be Current Account, Savings Bank Account, Fixed Deposit, Cumulative Deposit, and Recurring Deposit. The rates of interest can be different for various types of eligible institutions and individuals and for various periods of deposit. Transaction data is related to a particular transaction, such as opening of a fixed deposit, application of interest to a deposit, and closing of a deposit.

It is necessary that the inputs taken are complete in all respects so that there is no issue later on to carry out the necessary transactions. Let us take a banking application. For example, when opening a fixed deposit, we did not obtain the type of the depositor and hence we are not able to decide on the appropriate rate of interest; when opening the account we did not obtain the details as to which account the periodic interest should be credited to, because of which, during the interest run we are not able to credit the amount to the corresponding account. Not taking the complete inputs (at least the mandatory ones) can hold back the completion of a transaction and such mistakes should be avoided as it impacts the business adversely and puts the customers at great inconvenience. Hence, it is necessary that the completion of the inputs should be checked by the application and ensured.

Let us take an example of a hospital application. For example, while admitting a patient, the details of the allergies that the patient is susceptible to are not obtained. Consequently, the doctors will be in dilemma as to the application of any medicine which may have side effects. Think of a situation if the patient is unconscious and no close relative is around and because of this lack of information, the doctors do not know how to act.

Completeness of the inputs, particularly of all the critical master and transaction related data in case of banking applications, has to be ensured by the application. Similarly, completeness of all the critical inputs which have bearing on the integrity of the data also has to be ensured. The relevant checks have to be built in the applications to ensure this.

Ineffective database design or inadequate input validation can lead to errors related to completeness of inputs.

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